World of Tanks [Game Connect]

World of Tanks [Game Connect]

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3 Responses to World of Tanks [Game Connect]

  1. Craig says:
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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    A unique game of thousands of 10 to 15 minute tank battles, July 12, 2012
    Craig (Hayward, CA USA) –
    This review is from: World of Tanks [Game Connect] (Software Download)

    World of Tanks is an unusual game. When you start it up, and it gives you a start tank, and you press the big red ‘battle’ button, second later you are on a map with 14 other tanks on your team, against 15 enemies. There’s a time of 10 or 15 minutes ticking down, depending on the type of battle the game randomly selects. A message says ‘capture enemy base or destroy all enemies’.

    The controls are pretty intuitive, mouse looks around, w/a/s/d move and turn, left click shoots. Soon the battle is over, and you’re returned to the ‘garage’ screen with the menu and your list of tanks, and a message saying you got some experience and credits. OK, what now? Most games provide hours of gameplay – that’s a nice intro. Well, get ready to repeat that thousands of times – that’s the game.

    Now, that sounds bad and limited – what the heck, just the same 15 against 15 over and over and over? Well, yes, but for one thing there are a couple dozen different maps – more are added several times a year – and it’s a lot more fun than it sounds.

    You get to know the maps, and look for good spots. Different teams have different amounts of teamwork – which helps win if they do it. Every normal game sticks you among 15 random people – though you can have one friend (free) or two friends (if you buy ‘premium’) join you as a small platoon in the team of 15 each match. There are 10 tiers of tanks; you can get bigger and bigger tanks to play as you save the credits you get.

    The most notable two things about the game for me are the very realistic/detailed graphics in the battles, which are varied settings from bombed out ruins of towns to desert dunes to mountain passes; and the excellent and varied music. They have several songs that play, and I don’t like ‘march music’ but every one of the songs is surprisingly good and helps the atmosphere.

    There are five types of tanks. The ‘heavy’ is what most think of in a tank – larger slower, fine gun. The mediums are the more agile battle tanks, able to circle and shoot larger enemies, to go quickly. The ‘Tank Destroyer’ is a tank designed more for hiding and ambushing, with a strong gun and front armor generally, usually for staying back and supporting the other tanks. The light tanks are mostly used as scouts, fast and small and able to hide well, exposing the enemy and zig zagging to not get shot in the enemy’s area – and looking to try to find and kill the last and most distinct type of tank, artillery, which has the most damaging guns, the least armor, and a special ‘satellite’ view of the map where they look down on the enemy and send long range shots. The variety of tanks helps the game not get as repetitive.

    There are different countries’ lines of tanks, with the same types but variations in the actual tanks; there are favorites in each and almost everyone gets tanks from each country.

    There are three game currencies. Gold is the one that costs money; experience and credits you get automatically each battle, the more damage you do, the more you get (damage is counted, not kills, for rewards). The game has a somewhat confusing interface; experience is the currency for ‘researching’ new tanks and equipment like better guns (you start with tier 1, which then researches tier 2, and so on); after researching, you need to buy the item with credits (you can sell back what you buy for 50% of the cost). Playing the free game, you make the most rewards around tier 5 and 6; the game has you lose money playing higher tiers, in order to keep the game being dominated by high tier tanks.

    Gold is used for a variety of things: premium, which the main benefit of is getting more experience and credits in the battle (it works about to about twice as much); you can also buy ‘premium’ consumable add-ons for the tanks, and paint jobs that don’t affect gameplay, resources like spots for more tanks and reserved crew members, and a few other things (like paying to remove an item you put on a tank to move it to another tank).

    Premium accounts can be bought from one day to one year (costing $100+ approximately).

    The most useful purchase I find for gold along with premium is ‘training’. Crew members are trained, first for the main role – like gunner – and then with more skills, such as beign able to turn the tank faster or drive faster over soft ground or radio locations of enemies further. As you get new tanks, you likely want to move crews to the new tanks – but that needs retraining, and if you don’t pay, some of the training is lost each time.

    There are also a limited number of ‘premium tanks’, which play about the same as other tanks of their tier, but receive more credits by having lower ‘repair costs’, making it easier to get credits to buy other tanks. The best of these cost just over $50, as a one-time expense. The benefits are cumulative with a ‘premium account’.

    The gameplay…

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  2. aznriptide859 says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great game, great mechanics, plus you learn history!, July 12, 2012
    Amazon Verified Purchase(', ‘AmazonHelp’, ‘width=400,height=500,resizable=1,scrollbars=1,toolbar=0,status=1′);return false; “>What’s this?)
    This review is from: World of Tanks [Game Connect] (Software Download)

    By far the most enjoyable multiplayer game I’ve played for years.

    World of Tanks (or WoT as most players refer) is, essentially, a TDM-based free-to-play game with premium content. Game types are essentially variations of force on force deathmatch, with 15 players per side. Teams start on opposing sides of the map, and players are tasked with eliminating the enemy team, capturing a flag, and/or a combination of the two based on game variation. There are 30 maps right now available for play (and more come with each Wargaming update), which vary from snow-covered glaciers to sandy deserts. Clan Wars and Tank Company battles are also available, although I have not played those myself.

    Tanks revolve around most tanks built/developed in the pre-WWII, WWII, and post-WWII era. Over 150+ tanks from the USA, Germany, USSR, and France (one from China, though it’s no longer available for purchase, and future tanks from Britain are planned) can be played. Vehicles vary from the famous backbone tanks of armies (i.e. US M4 Sherman, USSR T-34, German Tiger) to never-deployed prototypes – being a WWII history nut myself, I enjoy learning about the tanks as much as I do playing with them. Tanks are split into five categories: light, medium, heavy, tank destroyer, and artiller/self-propelled gun (SPG).

    Each tank type has a varied play style. Light tanks are generally fast and good for harass and scout tasks. Mediums are well-rounded with good armor and good armaments, and are suited for support, harass or even frontline duty in some cases. Heavy tanks make up the beef of team (especially in higher tiers), and although well armored and heavily armed are slower than other classes. Tank destroyers have very good guns, and although not very maneuverable, exceed in sniping and ambush tactics. Artillery/SPG’s support the frontline with high-arcing and long range fire – the “snipers” in a team. The huge variation of tanks available ensures you will never be bored playing WoT, and, hopefully, that you find a tank class that you enjoy the most.

    Tanks are split into different tiers (ranging from 1 to 10), and games are generally matchmade based on their tier (a Battle Tier is also involved in this as well), which ensures games will be relatively balanced. I hear complaints all the time regarding the matchmaking system, but overall it does an OK job. The matchmaking ensures whatever game you’re put in, your play style is not consistent – you will not strongarm your way through a battle as a bottom-tier tank as you would playing a higher-tier tank. Tactics and cooperation are key to winning and enjoying this game.

    Experience grinding through this game is not like other MMO games – the EXP grinded is for both each tank and for the tank crew. As the tank crew progresses, each member will do their job a little more efficiently (i.e. a driver will drive/accelerate faster, a loader will reload faster, and a commander will spot enemy tanks earlier). EXP gained per battle can be used to research new modules for your tank, making it faster and better armed. Although the experience earned per tank/per tank crew is locked to each vehicle, you also earn free experience on the side to spend on any tank research, and you also have the ability to train tank crews for new vehicles. However, the longer you play, the longer you will spend to grind tanks – be warned that higher tier tanks take a very long time to fully research and upgrade.

    Besides the normal currency used for purchasing tanks and modules, there is also Gold currency, which is bought for real money – the “premium” aspect of this FTP game. Gold can be used for many things – buying premium equipment, converting for more normal currency, converting vehicle EXP into free EXP, buying Gold ammo, buying tank slots for more tanks, etc. The biggest two aspects are buying a Premium account, which gives you 50% more gold and EXP earnings per battle, and buying Gold tanks, which are fully upgraded with modules and 100% crew (making them good money makers).

    I personally feel that Gold definitely gives you more freedom to manage your tanks, crew, and money (even just a good $5-10 worth of Gold is enough, but that is up to each player). The benefits gained through buying Gold do not give you an extreme upper hand in games, which doesn’t make WoT feel like a “pay to win” game. I do however wish there was a way to earn Gold without having the need to spend money – it doesn’t make non-Gold purchasers feel left out, yet gives an incentive for those who do want extra Gold to spend money.

    Overall, World of Tanks is extremely enjoyable – this is the first game in a while where I wasn’t upset after losing. The game is filled with so many mechanics, so many variables, that no two battles are truly alike, and where teamwork is essential to winning. If you like a free, team-oriented, fun multiplayer “shooter”, there’s no…

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  3. Geoffrey Bunger says:
    12 of 16 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Fun FPS that is Free-to-Play, July 12, 2012
    Geoffrey Bunger (Mesa, AZ United States) –

    World of Tanks is a FTP with premium content, excellent graphics(although you won’t need the most advanced graphics card to enjoy it) and great game play. Based on real world tanks pre 1960 you can pick your favorite tank or faction to research. Take your pick between Tanks(Light, Medium & Heavy), Tank Destroyers & SPGs(Artillery). As of now there are tanks from the US, Germany, USSR & French, with the British coming in a future update.

    There are multiple battle modes, but 15 v 15 randomly picked is the general format. Tanks spawn at certain points depending on the game mode. Standard Battles will spawn near your base and have two primary objectives to win capture the flag/enemy base or destroy all enemy tanks. Recently they introduced Encounter battles, which gives a common flag to capture with adjusted spawn points. Assualy battles have a designated Defending and Assaulting team with a single flag the assaulting team must cap or frag all the defenders.

    Alternatively there are tank comapany battles, which allows the commander to pick their team. These are a little more competitive and typically involve a bit more organization and tactics. Players can also Platoon with a friend, if you purchase a premium account you can platoon with 2 friends and communicate through the in game voice channel.

    You can join a clan and compete in the ultimate battles in Clan Wars to secure land in Europe, the Mediterannean and North Africa on the Global Map.

    There are Premium Tanks, Ammo, Camo and other items that are available for in game purchase along with Premium account that yields 50% more XP and Credits, accelerating research and ability to purchase future tanks, all to enhance your playing experience.

    It is fun to play FPS that immerses you in tank battles allowing you o go head to head with these armored war machines battle it out using tactics and teamwork to rise victorious.

    It is a slightly addictive grind to the finish that can be enjoyable once you master the basics of game play. Find a good clan that can help you learn the basics and you can work your way to the top tanks and elite battles.

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