Plantronics BackBeat 903+ Headset – Frustration Free Packaging

Plantronics BackBeat 903+ Headset – Frustration Free Packaging

  • The BackBeat 903+ requires a 85 milliamp charger and is not compatible with any other chargers
  • Clear, rich stereo music streamed wirelessly
  • Ruggedized materials and design for active lifestyles
  • Dual-mic AudioIQ2 for clear calls
  • Bass-boost enriches audio
  • A2DP streams music, podcasts and more
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Enjoy rich music and clear, natural-sounding phone calls with Plantronics BackBeat 903+ Stereo Bluetooth Headphones with Mic. Offering the convenience of a wireless connection, the BackBeat 903+ is ideal for listening to music while commuting or just chilling out at home. One-touch controls, voice alerts, and OpenMic technology offer hands-free convenience, while the rugged construction is designed for on-the-go lifestyles. BackBeat 903+ Stereo Bluetooth Headphones
with Mic
At a Glan

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US $319.99
End Date: Saturday Apr-20-2013 6:44:27 PDT
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3 Responses to Plantronics BackBeat 903+ Headset – Frustration Free Packaging

  1. Robert J. Pankratz says:
    988 of 1,029 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Good Sound; short sighted design, December 4, 2010
    Robert J. Pankratz (Chaska, MN United States) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(', ‘AmazonHelp’, ‘width=400,height=500,resizable=1,scrollbars=1,toolbar=0,status=1′);return false; “>What’s this?)

    This is a very specific review to help others figure out if this product will fill a specific need. I couldn’t find this info when I was making my purchasing decision so I’m leaving this review to help others.

    In my case I purchased these headphones specifically for use with a desktop computer to use with skype and general music listening. The idea was to use these for 8 hours a day to listen to music and take 10-30 phone calls that come in on skype a day. This has worked great forever with plantronics wired headsets but I would like to be free of the wires.

    What the specs and the other reviews I have seen don’t point out is a very important design element in this headset, this headset doesn’t support Multipoint. Which means The 903+ is essentially two discrete products in one. First there is a Mono Headset that provides mono sound through both ear pieces and has dual microphones. Second there is an excellent Stereo Headphone that has no Microphone function.

    These two modes are completely separate. At any given time only the Headset function or the Headphone function can be active but not both. Therefore there is no way to combine the microphone and the stereo audio function. This has two implications: (1) You can’t pair the headset with a phone; and the headphones with a separate physical media player at the same time. (2) Any device you connect can only actively be using either the headphone or the headset but not both at the same time. A single physical device would have to switch modes on the fly to use both.

    On a cellphone with the latest bluetooth profiles these two modes will work great; you can listen to music in full stereo and when a call comes in the headphones mode shuts down and the headset function fires up. You need the latest in cellphone but it does work nicely.

    However if you want to use them with desktop computer, then you can in practice use them only in a single fixed mode. They are either going to be just bluetooth stereo headphones or a bluetooth headset. Desktop computers aren’t expecting the dual mode device and will see the headset as two separate devices at the audio layer and there will be no indication to the computer that both can’t be used at the same time. So the computer will try to access both simultaneously if you are playing music and try to take a phone call. The net result is conflicts and lockups.

    Until desktop bluetooth functions catch up with cellphones; or plantronics adds multipoint to this family of head sets; you will need to look else where if you want a dual mode bluetooth headset/headphone for your desktop computer.

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  2. Lombard Street says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    highly recommended, October 12, 2010
    Amazon Verified Purchase(', ‘AmazonHelp’, ‘width=400,height=500,resizable=1,scrollbars=1,toolbar=0,status=1′);return false; “>What’s this?)

    Also own a Backbeat 906. When I decided to buy a second headset, I chose this 903+ without second thoughts even though there wasn’t any price discounts for this newly released product. The sound quality, when listening to stereo music, is excellent.

    A new and neat feature is that, after you turn on this headset, a female voice announces/whispers to you the approximate operating time left so that you know when you may need to charge the headset. The 906 instead uses LED light pattern (blink 1, 2, or 3 times) to indicate approximate battery life.

    update: the microphone volume seems to be too weak. you may want to get a traditional headset for making calls. The 906 doesn’t have this problem (but picks up much more background noise than the 903+, which has great noise-cancelling feature).

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  3. Adam Wood says:
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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Good sound quality, cumbersome design, December 16, 2010
    Adam Wood (Tucson, AZ USA) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    Customer review from the Amazon Vine™ Program (What’s this?)

    Giving it a rating of “It’s OK” for me is due almost entirely to the ergonomics of the design. The performance is quite good.

    For starters, the sound quality on these headphones is great. Music on these surprised and impressed me, and hearing people during phone calls is easy. The size, feel, and button use of these, though, are not something that I like. Below are some details.

    Music (+)
    – To me, music sounds full and engaging. I was very pleasantly surprised by the amount of bass – as well as the quality of it. They sound good and not just boomy. Music performance is the biggest plus to this headset, IMO, and they do a good job with it.

    Phone Calls (Neutral)
    – On phone calls, people’s voices come through clearly. I have no trouble at all hearing people on these.
    – When I spoke through these, my brother indicated that I sounded just like my other bluetooth headsets. So, no better, but no worse.
    – It was weird for me, though, talking with both ears plugged by these. The ear pieces fit in and partially block the ear canal. So, great for music, but it’s like talking with your fingers partially covering your ears. I got used to and it’s not a big complaint, but I prefer talking with my single-ear headset.

    Ergonomics (-)
    – IMO, the behind-the-ear portions are big and not comfortable to wear with glasses. Some of you won’t be bothered by them, but I’m rating them lower because I don’t find them very comfortable.
    – The buttons aren’t easy to use. Perhaps they will be with more practice, but I’m not sure. Pushing some of the buttons isn’t very easy because pushing them puts force on the ear piece in a direction that tends to move it off my ear. I have trouble pushing them just sitting around, let alone when I’m moving. Also, the buttons have different functions depending on how many times you push them or how long you hold them. I feel older just typing this next part, but…I’ll never remember all of them.

    So, I commend the performance but don’t like the ergonomics. If you have a chance to try these on at a store, I recommend that. If you like how they feel, these might just be the solution for you (provided that working the buttons isn’t an issue for you).

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