Pirated Pirates [Download] Reviews

Pirated Pirates [Download]

  • 12 Levels on different parts of an Island
  • 12 Small to high enemy boats & ships.
  • 3 Types of weapons
  • 3 Types of power up
  • Use your earned in-game coins to increase Weapons Abilities. Use XP to increase Power up timer. After few Levels New Captain will be unlocked, It will increase your Base Life.

Pirated Pirates is Tower Defence Game. Action is taking place on Bling Islands in Mid Pacific. There is Pirate called Captain Blind, one day Some pirates attacked the island & started to destroy island base, Captain was unable to understand who are they, After few time he got the news from his crews that attackers are not Professional Pirates, They’ve got some Ships & trying to defeat us, Captain blind is now ready to take them all, There are Cannon Towers, Voodoo Towers & Boat bases on island t

List Price: $ 2.99


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