Le Pan II 9.7-Inch Tablet (Black)

Le Pan II 9.7-Inch Tablet (Black)

  • 1.2 GHz Tablet Processor
  • 1.45 pounds
  • 8 GB
  • 802_11_BGN Front Camera 2.0

The Le Pan II Tablet runs on an Android™ 3.2 Honeycomb (upgradable to Android™ 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich) OS, giving you access to over 500,000 apps via the Android ™ Market. The 9.7-inch multi-touch screen produces high-definition visuals while giving you total control over your mobile device. The Le Pan II Tablet is powered by a Qualcomm 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, giving you a fast and enjoyable browsing experience. Store your precious videos, photos, and other files to its buil

List Price: $ 259.99


WIFI + 3G 7" Epad Google Android 2.3 tablet iRobot MID PC eReaders 4GB 1GHz Apad
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End Date: Wednesday Jun-06-2012 5:30:28 PDT
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10.2" Zenithink C91 Upgrade Version Android 4.0 Cortex A9 1024MB 8GB Tablet PC
US $224.99
End Date: Wednesday Jun-06-2012 5:31:04 PDT
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3 Responses to Le Pan II 9.7-Inch Tablet (Black)

  1. Ernest S Sanchez says:
    210 of 213 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Excellent Tablet that exceeds expectations, January 10, 2012
    Amazon Verified Purchase(http://www.amazon.com/gp/community-help/amazon-verified-purchase/188-9554190-0222348', ‘AmazonHelp’, ‘width=400,height=500,resizable=1,scrollbars=1,toolbar=0,status=1′);return false; “>What’s this?)
    This review is from: Le Pan II 9.7-Inch Tablet (Black) (Personal Computers)

    Customer Video Review Length:: 9:54 Mins

    Update 23 May: I am still very pleased with my tablet. I have had almost no problems, and the few I have had were fixed with a reset. I leave my tablet on all the time. All the time. The total time it has spent physically off since I got in Jan is less than 3 days. I still have good battery life and things are great. Quick note since this generation of tablets is being replaced by newer models(transformer prime, Ipad 3, etc). You can now find comparable tablets with good options in the ballpark of this price. Part of my emphatic nature of recommending this tablet originally was that all comparable tablets at the time were $400 or more. Le Pan II is still certainly a contender. One advantage this tablet still has is being nearly the only Android tablet of 4:3 ratio. I find that very comfortable for web browsing. If that is not a big deal you could probably get a Xoom or some such that is comparable and possibly better depending on the price, though most are refurbs versus Le Pan being for a new unit. I still recommend this tablet, but the progression of technology marches on. Also if you have a Roku and get an android device check out Gregg Reno’s apps for Roku; Juice for Roku is the app I use second most. It is only beaten out by the browser on my tablet. I have a surround sound system and now my tablet is graphical radio control; it is awesome for anyone with a lot of mp3s.

    In my video I show basic functions, google applications, amazon applications, built in camera, music and video demos. Much of the bullet list of pros and cons are still best seen in the review below. It ran kind of long, so I cut it back for amazon’s requirements. Sorry again for the length of it and my written review, but there is so much to say about this tablet. I very much hope it helps people make informed decisions.

    **Also the tablet accesses Google Play (my video was before the switch when it was Android Market, but it still allows access to all the Google apps and markets).

    Addition 26 Feb: I got the anti-glare screen for this product to increase function in high light conditions. I added a video with “how to” tricks on applying it on my review for POSRUS Antiglare Antifingerprint Screen Protector for Le Pan TC 970 and Le Pan II Tablets. I hope that helps anyone looking to accent the device.

    Original review:

    Let me start by saying that I purchased the TC970 (previous model) back in October, and after 2 months was excited about the Le Pan II. I have had the Le Pan II for a few hours and am really enjoying it already. Originally I was wary about the unknown company, but took a chance. It was the best move I have ever made since I got a reliable Ipad quality device at a fraction of the price. I shall comment more on that in the company section.

    It has a nice professional build and feels solid, no cheap plastic feel here. All quality.

    Fast processor, boots in about 30 seconds, quick start on apps, and can run many with no problems.

    It has a 4:3 aspect ratio like the Ipad, which I find more comfortable for web browsing than the 16:9 tablets.

    Fully functioning android market.

    Youtube app works great.

    Syncs with Gmail just fine.

    Beautiful high definition screen.

    Full Flash support.

    Sensitive screen with good response on keyboard, I can type about 30 words per minute on the tablet (~90 on a real keyboard) and it keeps up just fine (my speed is going up as I get used to the onscreen keyboard).

    No problems with Wifi, good signal.

    Good accelerometer, can use it to play games easily and works well with google sky map.

    Decent microphone with wide pick up (I use a frequency analyzing program).

    Proprietary 30 pin connector, but it comes with a USB connection and charger (so only kind of annoying).

    No USB ports, do not get keyboards that connect through USB (it does support Bluetooth so you can get accessories, but only with Bluetooth).

    No rear camera (no big deal to me, I have a digital camera anyway), and front facing camera is only 2MP.

    The speakers are above average for portable devices (almost no portable devices have good speakers since good bass usually needs larger speakers). These are pretty good overall, but for audio excellence in any portable device you need a good pair of headphones.

    I have not tried to connect this tablet to my TV with HDMI, I still need to get the adapter, but will update…

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  2. 3c57x9 says:
    156 of 169 people found the following review helpful
    1.0 out of 5 stars
    What a disaster!, January 10, 2012
    Amazon Verified Purchase(http://www.amazon.com/gp/community-help/amazon-verified-purchase/188-9554190-0222348', ‘AmazonHelp’, ‘width=400,height=500,resizable=1,scrollbars=1,toolbar=0,status=1′);return false; “>What’s this?)
    This review is from: Le Pan II 9.7-Inch Tablet (Black) (Personal Computers)

    I was very exited about my Le Pan tablet at first, things were going well. Then I woke up one morning and the screen was dark. I pressed the power button. Nothing. I pressed the reset button, it comes on and boots to the Le Pan logo screen and stays there. I Press the power button, nothing. I press the reset button again and it boots to the Le Pan logo screen and stays there.

    Wash, rinse, repeat.

    What now? I’m a week past the point were I can return it to Amazon. I contact Le Pan. They tell me a few things to try. I try them. No joy. Then they give me an RMA. Immediately I became anxious. I don’t even know who these people are. What if I never get my tablet back. I keep trying to get it to work. Nothing. Finally I boxed it and sent it out via Fedex, which I had to pay for.

    Guess what? It’s been almost 2 months and I’m still waiting. OMG! How many times do I have to learn this lesson! Never go cheap!

    Basically, I’m in a black hole without an inkling of when I’m going to see light again. They won’t even give me hope! Here’s Le Pan’s last message to me:

    “Hello XXXX,

    Unfortunately we are backed up with RMAs at the moment.
    Your unit is being processed at this time, though I am unable to give you an estimated day on which we will be able to ship out. We will however, update you with a tracking number when we are shipping the unit back to you. We will move as quickly as possible to get your unit shipped out.
    Thank you for your patience and we understand that this can be a frustrating process.”

    Hmmm…Apparently I have allot of company in this black hole, even though I can’t see them. So yeah it’s half the price of the iPad, but half of nothing is nothing. I hope yours never breaks.

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  3. Coffee Infusion "coffeeinfusion" says:
    45 of 47 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    First impressions — beyond my expectations, February 3, 2012
    Amazon Verified Purchase(http://www.amazon.com/gp/community-help/amazon-verified-purchase/188-9554190-0222348', ‘AmazonHelp’, ‘width=400,height=500,resizable=1,scrollbars=1,toolbar=0,status=1′);return false; “>What’s this?)
    This review is from: Le Pan II 9.7-Inch Tablet (Black) (Personal Computers)

    [Update as of 2012-04-01 below]

    I’m in a rush and will hopefully write a more in depth review over time. First impressions:

    Let it be clear: I’m a first time Android user, and first time tablet owner. I’ve used an iPhone 3Gs for years and have a number of laptops and desktop workstations. I would say that in computing I’m an advanced user, but not an expert user. I do front-end Web development including coding, so I can figure out most things, but I don’t have a degree in networking and usually figure stuff out thanks to our friends at Google. So perhaps don’t know too much about computers, but I follow directions reasonably well when things start getting buggy.

    Why I wanted a Tablet:
    I like to read PDFs at night and my iPhone screen is just too tiny. Moreover, I like to practice my guitar using online or PDF tab and instruction and well as video instruction. Not only does the laptop create too much distance with the keyboard, but it only allows me to view documents in landscape mode. I felt that an eReader would be best, but I was very unimpressed with the performance of those I tested. I do prefer e-Ink for reading, but the slow processors just killed it for me. I eventually settled on a tablet as it was more versatile. I knew I wanted a monitor that was at least 9″, as most of my documents are in PDF format.

    Why I didn’t buy an iPad
    As an iPhone user I was committed to purchasing an iPad after doing a lot of tablet research. I figured that it was the best performer and I already owned many of the apps that would be iPad friendly. However, two things stopped me from taking the plunge. First of all, the iPads are what I consider prohibitively expensive for such a portable device (which I suspect I will eventually sit on, drop, or leave at a cafe by accident). Second, I really, really hate iTunes. It was mostly the iTunes headaches that solidified my decision to go with Android. I’m pretty good with computers and sometimes can’t figure out how so many regular computer users seem to get by with iTunes. Don’t get me wrong. I think Apple hit a home run with the iPhone. It is ingenious and I love mine — but it’s hard to believe the very same company that created a device so intuitive that it doesn’t need a manual — also created what could be the worst piece of software I’ve ever used. That would be iTunes. Fortunately, I found an ample iTunes substitute, but it was only after purchasing my Le Pan II.

    Why I settled on the Le Pan II.
    I did a lot of research before taking a chance on this one. Read hundreds of reviews and had actually given up on Android (as mentioned — concluded that Apple was the only player in town) until I found the first version of the Le Pan. I was actually going to pull the trigger on that first model, but I felt the limitation of the OS would eventually become an issue in the app market. The Le Pan II is far more versatile unless you root the old one; something I just don’t have time to deal with. I spend a good chunk of my time trying to troubleshoot PC and network errors and don’t need another headache.

    Build Quality: 5 stars.
    LP II is quite heavy, but the heft has a very solid feel to it; no creaking or cheap feeling parts. Not prohibitively heavy, but it’s definitely got some weight.

    Ease of use: 4 stars.
    My first real go at Android, and surprisingly it was a no-brainer. Very intuitive. The only reason it doesn’t earn 5 stars is because I feel that the app organization is a bit confusing. You can choose to pull the apps onto the carousel sliding start pages, but I don’t quite understand why that’s necessary. With iOS, all the apps are in your carousel sliding start pages, and you can simply group them together using the drag and drop folder conversion concept — much more elegant. I also experience some minor bugs when dragging apps to different carousel pages — sometimes they skip over the destination page, and do other odd things. Not a big deal — just not as polished as Apple.

    App installation simplicity: 5 stars.
    I was a bit concerned about app installation issues with Android, but all of my usual apps such as Evernote, Roboform, Skype, Google Apps and others loaded without a hitch.

    Speed: 5 stars.
    I recall testing out a few different tablets months ago at a local Best Buy. This Le Pan II strikes me as being on equal ground with the iPad in terms of response time. It’s very responsive.

    Connectivity: 5 stars.
    Very simple. Connected to my wi-fi network sans events.

    Quick first impressions:
    So far my expectations have been exceeded by this high quality, bang for the buck. I haven’t tested everything yet, but it organizes my PDFs and MP4 guitar lessons perfectly — and so this purchase has been worthwhile. The PDF viewing is a little limited in terms of zoom factor, but I may have overlooked a setting that defines…

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