Cuisinart DLC-2011CHB Prep 11 Plus 11-Cup Food Processor, Brushed Stainless Reviews

Cuisinart DLC-2011CHB Prep 11 Plus 11-Cup Food Processor, Brushed Stainless

  • Lexan work bowl virtually shatterproof, dishwasher-safe
  • Speed automatically adjusts to ensure proper dough consistency
  • Includes spatula, recipe/instruction book, and how-to DVD; dishwasher-safe parts
  • One-piece Supreme wide mouth feed tube holds whole fruits and vegetables
  • Spatula, recipes, how-to video included

Perfecting the art of food preparation. With a brushed stainless finish that adds a touch of elegance to any modern kitchen, the Cuisinart Prep Plus Food Processor is the ideal prep tool for any task. It’s compact build allows it to fit comfortably on any countertop and the large work bowl makes it easy to create an entire meal from scratch. After all, it’s a Cuisinart!

List Price: $ 325.00


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3 Responses to Cuisinart DLC-2011CHB Prep 11 Plus 11-Cup Food Processor, Brushed Stainless Reviews

  1. S. Albertini "Speedwell" says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Does a great job with no hassle, December 30, 2008
    S. Albertini “Speedwell” (Over here) –

    I avoided food processors in the past because the food chute was always too small, the motor wasn’t up to the job, and they were a pain to clean. My fiancé bought me this food processor as a Christmas present. I’m pleased to say that we’re both impressed by its appearance, thoughtful design, and performance.

    The brushed stainless finish is attractive and easy to wipe clean. The handle-in-front work bowl design is accessible to me (right-handed) and him (left-handed) equally. The machine doesn’t take up a huge amount of counter space, and sits securely without “walking” or shimmying even when processing heavy foods.

    The work bowl has a HUGE opening that greatly reduces pre-prep knife time. However, you are not stuck using the big opening all the time. The pusher has a smaller round “sub-pusher” in it that provides a smaller opening for holding long vegetables upright or for adding liquids while in motion. The lid is secure but can be removed and replaced easily. Everything fits stably and securely on the motor base. Work bowl, lid, and pusher work together to make sure you are not exposed to sharp edges or flying food (so long as you don’t stick your hand down the pusher opening). At 9 cups, the work bowl is the perfect size (7 cups is just barely too small for good processing, I’ve found).

    The first thing I made with the processor was a turkey salad with leftovers from Christmas dinner. Big chunks of onion, celery, and green pepper chopped evenly in a few pulses using the S blade. Big chunks of cooked turkey chopped evenly and smoothly without pureeing. The included spatula got all the food out of the work bowl quickly without making a mess. I made homemade mayonnaise (successful my first time ever with homemade mayo) according to the recipe in the documentation, and threw in some herbs to mince while it was processing. I sliced a cucumber with the slicing disk and was startled how quickly it went through.

    My fiancé walked in and said, “Wow, are you already done with that? I didn’t even hear you.” (The machine is quieter than my blender.) While I plated the salad, he washed the parts quickly with a soapy sponge and was surprised how easy it was.

    It’s important to know that this machine will take the same blades and attachments as the 7-cup version (the Prep 7, DLC-2007N). It doesn’t say that on Amazon’s or Cuisinart’s site or anywhere in the documentation, but it does mention in a hard-to-notice place on the side of the box that it uses 7-cup processor parts. The set includes a standard 4mm slicing disk and a medium shredding disk, but I’ve ordered the 2mm slicing and a fine grating disk and plan to order the egg whisk later.

    EDIT: I received the two disk attachments, and they fit and work just like the disks that came in the box. This verifies that the attachments for the 7-cup model fit this 9-cup model too.

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  2. Naomi Witzke "Earlybird78" says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Good, solid, basic machine., June 15, 2008
    Naomi Witzke “Earlybird78″ (New Hope, MN United States) –

    This review is from: Cuisinart DLC-2011CHB Prep 11 Plus 11-Cup Food Processor, Brushed Stainless (Kitchen)

    My first attempt at purchasing a food processor was to buy the $69.99 Oster. I did this because of the price. Predictably, it did not perform well and I had to return it. Perhaps Oster does better with blenders, I don’t know. After doing further research, I was torn between KitchenAid and Cuisinart. There are hordes of loyal followers in each camp on this issue, and it was hard to choose based on reviews. I finally just went with Cuisinart, because it happened to be the model that my local store carried. In general, I’m happy with the product and would recommend it to other home cooks. I’ve only had this appliance a few months, and I don’t use it every day. I probably use it once every couple weeks because it’s only my husband and me so I don’t cook for a crowd. I do love to prep a lot of food and then freeze it ahead because I’m a busy teacher, so the processor is a big help with that. If it were not so heavy and easier to clean, I’d probably use it more because this workhorse really gets the job done fast. Here are my observations based on what I’ve done with it so far:

    It is excellent at:
    Making breadcrumbs (both fresh and dried)
    Mincing fresh herbs
    Chopping/mincing raw and cooked meats (like whole chicken for chicken patties etc.)
    Making salsa

    Pretty Good/Could Be Better:
    Shredding carrots, cheese (very quick and uniform, but some gets stuck between the lid and the shredding disc)
    Grating a wedge of Parmesan (I put small chunks of it in the bowl with the chopping blade, as it shows in the DVD demonstration – and the result was coarser than I expected. In the end it melted fine in the dish I was making (lasagna), but it just felt like coarse sand to me when I was finished processing it, rather than soft powdery flakes like you get when you use the fine holes on the box grater. Still, it sure was a heckuvalot quicker than doing it by hand. I guess I’d do it again, as long as it was being added to a dish that would be cooked, like pasta. To make a pile of Parm to serve at the table or to add to breading, I would still use a handheld Microplane zester.)

    Not Good:
    Slicing green onion by the bunch (it pulled them under the lid rather than slicing)

    Cleanup and Handling
    It’s a little finicky to wash by hand, because there are nooks and crannies for stuff to get stuck in. So far with a little effort and some strong jets of water to shoot into the cracks, I’ve been able to get it clean. It MUST air-dry, because there’s no way to get a towel into the handle, where some water collects. If I had a dishwasher I think cleanup would be a breeze. So far I’ve only used it when I had a big job to do, because otherwise it’s just quicker to pull out the old cutting board and knife or the box grater. They’re easier to haul out and quicker to clean. Speaking of which, this processor weighs about 12 pounds empty, and in the summer the rubber feet tend to “suction” themselves onto whatever surface they’re sitting on. Not so easy to lift this baby down from on top of the fridge, I discovered – and I’m 5’9!. ‘ I would recommend storing this at countertop level or lower, and then lifting with your knees to save your back and shoulders.

    Final Comments:
    I am happy with my purchase and would buy another Cuisinart if this one ever dies. I wish it shredded things without pulling them sideways under the lid, but that’s my only complaint – and actually, it’s only a small amount that gets pulled under. In the end, I’d much rather use this processor to shred several pounds of cheese than to use the box grater. I would recommend this size to a family of 4 and up – unless you’re like me, and you like to chop a bunch of stuff at once and then freeze or can it. Good product, decent price for what you get overall.

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  3. Karen H says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Cuisinart stole my heart from Kitchenaid!!, January 7, 2006
    Karen H

    I’m a Kitchenaid kind of girl, so when my husband surprised me with the Cuisinart Food Processor, I was faced with quite the quandry. I began to research both the Cuisinart 2011 and the Kitchenaid 760. The reviews pointed slightly towards the Kitchenaid so I figured I’d swap mine for it. I visited a local store to compare them in person and was so disappointed to realize that the Cuisinart fits together more securely and smoothly. In denial I stared at the blades for quite some time. Finally I had to admit to myself that the Cuisinart ones were heavier. They felt better and looked more solid. Oh how I tried to convince myself that the Kitchenaid was better. But I just didn’t like how the top on the Kitchenaid snapped into place. It’s not as smooth. The KA comes with more tools. Surely I’d end up with the Kitchenaid.

    I went home and joined the online Kitchenaid Conversation Forum. Who does this? It’s a group of people who post back and forth about their devotion to Kitchenaid. I begged Kitchenaid Rita to help me back on the righteous path.

    Then I started using my Cuisianrt to test it out. I tried not to love it. I just couldn’t help myself. It’s so convenient to use. I started to think that the extra KA bowls might start to get on my nerves–always taking them in and out. I’ve made all kinds of things in my food processor. I made pizza dough. I can’t believe I’ve been kneading by hand all these years. I made sweet potato chips; I made hummus and salsa… the list grows each day.

    I actually use it all the time. And, it would be very much like me not to use it if it were at all hard to assemble or clean.

    OK, there you have it. A perfectionist’s testamonial and admission of betrayal. I do love my new Cuisinart 2011, and I feel guilty for ever having doubted it. And just last night my new TOB-165 Cuisinart Toaster Oven arrived. Review on that soon…

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