Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 Reviews

Adobe Photoshop Elements 11

  • Use Photoshop Elements 11 for all your photo needs. Intuitively organize and find photos; edit and enhance them; create custom photo keepsakes; and share via print, the web, and more.
  • Find and manage all your photos and video clips in the convenient Organizer. Use automated options to find your best photos and clips.
  • Use one-step shortcuts to whiten teeth; make skies bluer; or fix color, contrast, and lighting?and then choose the best result from a group of adjustment previews. Instantly remove clutter from photos, too.

Bring your photos to life with a powerful picture editing solution built from Adobe Photoshop software, the professional standard for digital image editing.

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3 Responses to Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 Reviews

  1. V. Hutson says:
    621 of 628 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    See it in action!, October 25, 2012
    V. Hutson
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 (DVD-ROM)
    Customer review from the Amazon Vine™ Program (What’s this?)

    Customer Video Review Length:: 9:37 Mins

    I’ve used Photoshop Elements since version 2 and I strongly believe it is the best photo-editing program available for under $100. It will do most of the editing tasks that the full version of Photoshop does but at a fraction of the cost. It is the software program I have my “Digital Photography” and “Digital Painting” students purchase for the college courses I teach.

    Photoshop Elements is a program that has two basic components. The first is the Editor which is the program that you use to make changes to your photos. The other component is the Organizer which is used to manage and organize your photos.

    I’ve included a video that shows some of the features of the Editor in Elements 11. The interface is probably the biggest difference between version 10 and 11. While new-comers may find the new interface easier to use, it will take me a while to get used to it. (I apologize for the neurotic mouse movements and the hurried pace of the video. I had a lot I wanted to include. If I get a chance I may redo the video.)

    If you are serious or semi-serious about editing photos this is the program I recommend. Since Photoshop Elements is based on the full version of Photoshop everything you learn can be easily translated to the full version of Photoshop if you ever decide to purchase the much more expensive program. Granted, the new interface does make Elements 11 look quite different from Photoshop CS6, but the basic commands and tasks are still similar enough to be able to make the transition from Elements to the full version without too much hassle.

    The other advantage to purchasing Elements 11 is that there is a lot of free material available online that will help you learn how to use the various Photoshop software programs. Adobe also offers a variety of free video tutorials that will help you learn this program. In addition, there are also a lot of books that will teach you how. Overall my favorite Photoshop books are by Scott Kelby.

    Elements also comes with an extensive “Help” feature. This software program can do so much it would take years to learn it all–but fortunately it doesn’t take that long to learn the basics.

    If you just want an easy program to use to edit a few photos then there are much cheaper programs available. More importantly–there are also many online photo-editing programs that are absolutely free! One of my favorite free online photo editing applications is Sumopaint.

    My recommendations to current Photoshop Element Users:

    Photoshop Elements 3 – 8 Users: I highly recommend the upgrade to Elements 11. There was a huge improvement between versions 8 and 9 (content aware and the ability to add masks to layers). If you are using one of these earlier versions I think you will appreciate the new features.

    Photoshop Element 9 – 10 Users: If you do a lot of selecting and masking then you might want to upgrade since Elements 11 includes the more advanced “Refine Edge” feature that until now was only available in CS5-6 versions. There is also a limited “actions” or “automated commands” feature. You can’t record your own actions, but you can select from a number of pre-loaded options, and you can download and install actions created in the full version of Photoshop. Some of the added “Guided Features” are also nice.

    There were also changes to the Organizer interface. I currently have approximately 30,000 photos tagged and arranged in the Organizer. With a click of a button I can easily find any image I am looking for. Some people complain about the Organizer but I love it. I haven’t had time to look over the new interface yet–but when I do I will update this review.

    Most of this review has dealt primarily with photos–but Elements 11 is also an excellent program to use to create digital paintings. There is a variety of filters and styles that you can use to quickly change a photograph into a work of art–but more importantly Elements 11 comes with a huge variety of brushes and other tools that enable you to create an original painting stroke by stroke. Purchase a Wacom Bamboo tablet and you will be amazed at what can be accomplished with a pressure sensitive stylus and tablet.

    I hope this helps.

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  2. Joanna Daneman says:
    235 of 242 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Improved interface, really happy with this version, October 29, 2012
    Joanna Daneman (Middletown, DE USA) –
    (#1 Hall OF FAME REVIEWER)

    This review is from: Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 (DVD-ROM)
    Customer review from the Amazon Vine™ Program (What’s this?)


    I’ve been using Photoshop Elements since Version 1. But, my last “favorite” version of Elements was Version 8. I ditched V9 and didn’t even bother with V.10. THIS version, 11, however, is excellent.

    For one thing, after realizing that over half the users of Adobe Elements are over fifty (statistic per CNET), Adobe adjusted the interface for better visibility. I am well over fifty, one of the pet peeves I have with software, websites and printed matter is that the fonts are too small (even with bifocals) and the contrast can be so low as to make reading difficult. You need bigger fonts, more contrast and more light when you get over fifty. And there are plenty of us senior users of software, so kudos to Adobe for being kind to older eyes.


    Speaking of readability, the box contains two DVDs. Same color, same printing but ONE is for MAC OS and one for Windows. I looked at these pale blue DVDs with greyish white small print for two minutes, shrugged my shoulders and chose one (lucky me, it was the right one.) As it was installing, I eventually found the small print on the left saying MAC OS on the other DVD. So look at the DVDs carefully to choose the correct one for your computer.


    Also inside the box, which by the way is a lot smaller, saving on wasteful packaging, was a coupon for twenty bux worth of Shutterfly (nice!), a getting-started pamphlet with 24 pages of info and screen shots, a coupon for online tutorials and a description of the free 30-day trial of Adobe Premiere Elements 11, the film and video editing software. This software is included in trial format in case you want to try editing videos. More on THIS later.


    The inside white box, contained in the outer dust case, has the LICENSE number for installation, so DO NOT lose this box. I suggest you copy out the license number and put it in a text file on your computer and also copy it and put it in a notebook somewhere. A lot of times, the license numbers are on the protective sleeve for the DVD but in this case, it is on the inner box. If you lose this number, you are in trouble the next time you might need to re-install it (say, on a new computer or if you have to restore a crashed system.)


    Installation takes a while (maybe 10 minutes) and there are SOME GOTCHAS:

    1. I did NOT want to install the trial of Premiere (yet) because I’m not ready to do a review of it and the last versions of Premiere that I tried were so bugged up, I really developed a distaste for this software, despite a very nice user interface. So I picked from the drop-down menu, Install Adobe Elements 11. ONLY.

    Then you enter the license number on the next page, click on your location (which country) and lo, you have to DE-CHECK the Install Premiere Elements or else it overrides your previous wish to NOT have Premiere on your computer. How insolent!! I SAID, I DON’T WANT Premiere! Luckily, I saw that check box and I made sure to de-check it.

    2. The software installed without incident and then I tried to read the READ ME file as I mentioned. It claimed NOT to find it on the DVD, which it won’t. It’s web-based now but the DVD installation menu apparently didn’t get the news. I ALWAYS read the READ ME, for update information and other interesting warnings and info.

    Here is some important information for you, if you are a previous user of Elements:

    Q. Can you install over a previous version of Elements?

    A. Yes, you can…but don’t try to use both ever again, because the new organizer will take over the old one. In the Read Me File, under updates, there is this warning:

    “Adobe does not recommend switching between older and newer versions of the Photoshop Elements Organizer.
    Catalogs created in older version of the product would need to be converted to the latest version.
    Only the most recently used catalog will be converted automatically. If you use multiple catalogs, start Photoshop Elements, go into Organizer, and use the File > Manage Catalogs command to search and convert other catalogs.
    Updating previous catalogs (more than 30,000 photos) can take over an hour (possibly a few hours, if the catalog is large, and from an older version of Photoshop Elements or Photoshop Album). Please be patient!
    Following file formats are no longer supported in Photoshop Elements 11 and the corresponding files will be not be imported into the new catalogs JPEG 2000, Filmstrip (FLM), Wireless BMP (WBM, WBMP), PCX, Targa (TGA, VDA, ICB, VST), Photoshop RAW (RAW), PICT File (PCT, PICT), Scitex CT (SCT), Photoshop EPS (EPS), EPS TIFF Preview (EPS), Generic EPS (AI3, AI4, AI5, AI6, AI7, AI8, PS, EPS, AI, EPSF, EPSP).”

    There is also info on what file types are no longer supported in MAC but as I am…

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  3. Kirk says:
    148 of 159 people found the following review helpful
    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Bloated and intrusive, bordering on spyware; no useful improvements since 2.0.2, January 1, 2013
    Kirk (Chicago) –
    This review is from: Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 (DVD-ROM)

    I received Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 as a Christmas present (one which I unfortunately had asked for). I’ve been using Elements 2 for many years now, and figured I’d take the plunge and update, hoping to be amazed with all the advances and new features that have happened since 2002. My interest in Elements is solely for editing photos.

    After an extraordinarily lengthy install (I have plenty of RAM, fast drives, and an 8-core processor), the first thing I noticed is that it opened INSTANTLY when I started it the first time, a little TOO fast. Sure enough, they thoughtfully load a chunk of their program on bootup, and keep it running in the background constantly, tying up resources and potentially getting in the way whether you are using it or not, just so they can shave a second off their load time. Edit registry, remove startup item; done.

    The next issue is security. I use ZoneAlarm as my software firewall (in addition to a couple of hardware firewalls). Mainly I run ZoneAlarm as a means of keeping track of any attempted outbound activity on my computer that I didn’t initiate. Normally, on the first startup of a program, a message pops up asking whether I want to give permission to the application to access the web. Guess what? No popup. Looking into ZoneAlarm, I discovered that Adobe apparently has figured out how to hack Zonealarm, and granted themselves the maximum trust level/permissions. In addition, I found that if I changed the security settings to restrict it in any way, at the next startup of Elements, the settings had all returned back to maximum privilege. Of about 5 Adobe program components that registered themselves in ZoneAlarm, the only way I was able to restrict settings and have them remain in effect was to set the trust level to KILL on all but one. And evidently those 4 items weren’t needed, since the program started up without problems after that.

    After screwing around with all of this for well over an hour (maybe even two) I was actually able to kneecap all the extraneous Adobe nonsense to the point where the program was running only when I actually wanted it to.

    I have no interest in the photo organizer. I have my own system for managing my photos that works well for me. I find that programs which offer to do stuff for me almost always guess wrong what I want, and simply get in the way and create more work and distractions for me. I don’t need them scouring my drives and “helping” me by adding folders and files to their database without asking me, nor did I need to be presented with a dialog every time I started Elements asking which program I wanted to start (the organizer or Elements). Yes I know that it can be turned off; however even when off, you’re still loading other stuff besides the photo editor. Eventually I ended up hunting down the actual Elements program and making a shortcut directly to that. (I did run the photo organizer for a bit to give it a chance, and I stand by my previous statements).

    Finally in the photo editor, I found that very little had changed functionally from version 2. Things had been moved around, menus had been renamed, but I found next to nothing of actual value had been added in 9 – count them – 9 – full versions and 10 years. What they HAD accomplished was managing to eat up considerable screen real estate by making the tool settings area HUGE, tying up another large band across the top with a menu bar whose only purpose is to switch between noobie and expert mode, and additional other clutter which can’t be resized or removed entirely. The result of all this was that in order to actually get any work done, I’d have to be constantly turning items on and off just to have a decent area to work. I’m really only interested in seeing the photo I’m working on, not admiring all their pretty icons and color choices; if I’m not currently using something, I should be able to get it out of my way easily. My screen resolution is set at 1280×720, so it isn’t like things are crowded because I’m running at 640×480 or even 800×600. Since that’s my monitor’s full resolution, I can’t exactly bump up the resolution any further, and if I could, I’m sure that Adobe has figured out how to make that just as crowded too.

    But wait! There’s more! Aside from the program itself being a disappointment, there’s also this program they trick you into downloading called AAM – Adobe Application Manager. This program is allegedly to help with keeping all of your Adobe software updated, but actually serves no purpose other than to give Adobe further access to your system, and to constantly check whether you’ve stolen any of their software or not. REALLY? Updates can still be performed through the individual programs WITHOUT this P.O.S. present. Doing a search on this program revealed a message board conversation, where one of Adobe’s people apologized about this, promised that it wasn’t a marketing ploy, and gave…

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